Handi Lantern

Handi LanternThe Handi is a mobile solar lantern which radiates a cool white light from its eight super bright LEDs. It is ideal for lighting parts of the home, shed or camping area.

The lantern has an AC/DC charge port and an emergency USB port to charge cell phones. The solar panel needs about 10 hours of daylight to run for a maximum of 24 hours.


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Technical Details
• 8 super bright LEDs, 48 lumens
• Li-ion battery 3.7V, 700Ah
• 4.5V, 100mA solar panel
• Durable ABS plastic
• Adjustable handle
• AC/DC charge port
• USB charging port


Six operating modes

  1. Full brightness (6 hours)
  2. Mobile phone charge
  3. 50% brightness (12 hours)
  4. 25% brightness (24 hours)
  5. Quick blink
  6. SOS

Press 5-7 seconds to turn on and off