Funky Solar Light



Twist this funky solar light around branches of a tree on a camping trip, set it on your bedside table to read with, use at a party, at the cattle post, or to ensure your meat is cooking perfectly on the braai.


Available in a series of funky colours perfect for load shedding and a useful gift for friends and family.


P350 including VAT limited stock available.

Hopsol DC



A big welcome to our newest product: the hopsol DC. Sound, lights, fan, cell phone charger, this compact and portable solar system has it all!


Simply plug in a USB stick and play all the music you want. This hip little unit can easily be taken on camping trips, to the farm or used for back-up at home. It can be charged through the solar panel as well as the mains.


P1,500 Introductory special!
Limited stock available

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Saturn Lantern

ThSaturne Saturn lantern is a decorative rattan style basket that radiates a circular glow from its flickering warm LED light.

The panel and battery are integrated on top of the light and will need about 6 hours of sunlight to run all night. The Saturn is great for table decoration as well as a children’s night light.


Saturn Dark
Technical details
• Flickering yellow LED
• 2V, 40mA panel
• NiMH battery, 300mAh
• 7hrs operation after 6hrs of sun
• Day/night sensor
• 16.5cm x 25cm, plastic (natural rattan basket look).



MongooseThe mongoose is a twin spotlight ideal for highlighting features in the garden. The 12 LEDs illuminate approximately 5m² per light and are powered by a solar module which can be positioned up to 3 meters away.

The replaceable and rechargeable sealed battery pack can power your light for up to 6 hours on a full charge.



Technical DetailsMongoose Dark
• 2 x 12 LEDs, covers 5m² per light.
• 6V 4Ah Lead Acid battery
• 9V, 200mA Solar Panel
• Day/Night Switch
• Durable ABS plastic
• P44 rated
• Charge 4 hours,
• Operation time 6 hours