7W Courtyard

7W Courtyard The courtyard light is an all-night decorative light ideal for multiple applications from garden scenes, carparks and homes to complexes.

The system includes a 7W LED lamp that can illuminate approximately 80m2. It is designed as a plug-n-play setup; simply place the panel/battery unit on top of a 60mm pole with the panel facing north in unobstructed sunlight.

The bulb will switch on at dusk and can be set to light from 1 hour to 15 hours (or dawn).


7W CourtyardTechnical Details
• 7WDC12V LED bulb, 5m radius, 80m2
• 2 x 7Ah lead acid rechargeable battery
• 5A Controller with 15 lighting settings
• 25W Solar Panel
• Automatic Day/Night Switch
• galvanized steel, epoxy coated
• Brackets included, pole excluded