10W Floodlight Mibox18

10W Floodlight Mibox18The 10W floodlight18 is a robust pole light designed to light for up to 12 hours utilising an 18Ah battery and 40W solar panel configuration. The light output is approximately 650 lumen with 120˚ beam angle that covers 250m².

The system can be pole or wall mounted and is fabricated from high grade galvanized steel and epoxy coated.

The mibox18 setup provides 12 hours of light, alternatively for more lighting hours select the 10W miBox22.

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10W Floodlight Mibox18Technical Details
• 10W LED 10-30VDC flood, 120˚ beam angle, 700 lumen, covers 250m2
• 40W 12V solar panel
• 12V 18Ah lead acid battery
• 10A controller with 15 lighting settings
• Galvanised steel and epoxy coated battery box